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At the time of writing all our residents and staff have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Staff are tested 3 times per week, residents are tested every 28 days.

We are COVID free.

We are allowing visits, both contact visits and visits via our Visitor Pod. Both types of visit must be booked in advance in order that we can ensure we have sufficient staff to support your visit and to carry out the required post visit cleanse.

Contact visits: you will be allowed into the home to be able to hold hands with your relative. A maximum of 2 named visitors are allowed per resident who can visit at the same time if they are in the same social bubble. Prior to entry, you will be required to carry out an LFT COVID test at the premises and to receive a negative result. You will be asked to complete a risk assessment and some data we require to log your test results. You will then be required to sanitise your hands and to don PPE that we supply (mask &/or visor, gloves, apron).

Visitor pod: you will be shown into our safe visitor pod which is inside our small lounge accessed via the patio door. There is a clear partition between you and your relative. You will be asked to wear a face mask and to complete a risk assessment. This is to protect our staff who sanitise the visitor pod between each visit.