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Cruise 2020

SS Woodlands

All aboard!

Week commencing 23rd November 2020, we are off on a Mediterranean Cruise! The Woodlands will become SS Woodlands and we are sailing off to exciting places…

Monday 23rd November, we dock in Venice, Italy to enjoy Italian foods and wine and a pizza making afternoon.

Tuesday 24th November, we are in Greece for the delights of Moussaka, Ouzo, olives and the Olympic Games.

Wednesday 25th November, we dock at Valletta, Malta to sample their famous rabbit stew followed by a pictorial tour of the island and its history.

Thursday 26th November, we are in France, for a quick hop into Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix! Who will take the chequered flag this year?!

Friday 27th November, we are off to colourful Spain for some Flamenco dancing, Rioja and beautiful music making!

….look out for the diary of our travels…….

SS Woodlands crew are ready for action!